Plastics Conference 2024


Innovative production and recycling

“New EU rules on packaging: a plastics outlook”

Marzia Scopelliti, Senior Public Affairs Manager, European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN)
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“Harnessing the Power of Digital Twins in the Production of Plastics”

Christos Adamopoulos, ERP Business Consultant, Athens Technology Center (ATC)
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“Plastic Packaging in the Food Industry: Exploring the Latest Legal Developments and Impacts”

Πασχάλης Καστανάς, Sustainable Packaging Manager, Nestlé, Mέλος της Επιτ. Περιβάλ. & Αειφορίας, ΣΕΒΤ
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“PETCORE Europe the voice of the PET Value Chain in Europe”

Argiris Dabanlis, Technical Manager, PETCORE Europe
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“Challenges and opportunities for PET producers in Europe and the latest developments of the UN global plastics treaty”

Ermis Panagiotopoulos, Head Of Sustainability Advocacy EMEA, Indorama Ventures PCL
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“The road to circularity: the regulatory framework changing plastic packaging”

Venetia Spencer, Head of Public Affairs Europe, Borealis
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“Tackling plastic waste in the framework of the new circular economy action plan”

Δρ. Αντώνης Κοκόσης, Founder & Chair of the Sustainability Section, EFCE & elected member of the Executive Board of Trustees, EFCE
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«Πλαστικά και Κυκλική Οικονομία – Ρόλος και Δράσεις του Ε.Ο.ΑΝ.»

Δρ. Ρουμπίνη Μαρίνη, Δ/νση Γ’ ΠΔΕΠ & Έρευνας, Επικοινωνίας & Μητρώου Παραγωγών, Ελληνικός Οργανισμός Ανακύκλωσης (EOAN)
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